IFO 380 CSt

      With respect to sustainability and high application of international EHS standards and terms and condition of ISO 8217; ShoreSide is providing the unique superb services on 24/7 with high-quality of fuel products and  professional operational system to exceed the requirements of our client's satisfaction and build the ultimate goal of long term business relationship with our prospective clients, and execute the mission based on the rule of performance with excellence alongside to quality and cost to lead the improvement of bunkering industry at all ports of delivery in UAE, Oversea and International Water .

IFO 380 CSt: 

      Intermediate Fuel Oil 380 is blended components of heavy and medium oil fractions mixture with max. viscosity of 380 cst at 50°C. IFO 380 cst is used as combustible fuel for very big vessels and old ones operation large machinery.

The best quality and specifications that meets your metrics to be provided upon request.

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